How can one interpret “spoiling” to mean spending time with them??? I can’t even.

Conversations with POT were getting to the point that I felt like I was in school. I just had to turn the heat up a little for fun, but now he’ll probably be expecting that.

I want to go vegan


I love the taste of meat, but I hate the idea of eating it. I’ve been eating a lot of rotisserie chicken, but I went to grab a piece yesterday and it bothered me to see the poor thing’s rib bones! Then my mom had to go and describe it as a “carcass”. Ugh AND I’ve been struggling with indigestion.

I need to hurry up and get a steadier income so I can afford a surplus of clean veg eats.

My POT is a veg maybe I’ll pretend to be in love with him and move in. Don’t freak out I’m only kidding… for now. He does live alone in a million+ dollar home though… I found it on google. Rotfl that’s horrible.

Just invested in some dresses

I think my POT will like. I hope 😏
I need a free people shopping spree rotfl.

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